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Draft Declaration for 2016 CSocD NGO ForumPoverty

Eradicating poverty has been recognized as “the greatest global challenge facing the world today.”  With constituencies spanning the globe, the NGO Committee for Social Development knows well the magnitude of this challenge. Yet our work with those facing hardship and exclusion on a daily basis highlights a reality that none can afford to forget: if poverty is to be alleviated in any lasting way, inequality must be addressed as well.  Preparations for the  NGO Committee on Social Development Forum to be held on 1 -2 February 2016 are advancing.  Would you like to comment on our draft declaration which we are working on at the moment?  We would appreciate your reflections.Draft Declaration 2016 NGO CSocD Forum  

The Ongoing Work for Women´s Empowerment and Human Rights

CSW 59

The 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women took place over the last two weeks, from March 9th – 20th and included representatives from Member States, UN entities and NGOs from across the world. The two weeks kicked off with the International Women’s Day ‘March in March’ held on Sunday March 8th when thousands marched the streets of Manhattan carrying and waving the slogan “Planet 50-50: by 2030: Step It Up For Gender Equality and Women’s Rights”.

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UN Women

UN Women

As we work towards the 20th Anniversary of the 4th UN World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1994,we are preparing to celebrate the many advances of these years and at the same time commit ourselves to awareness and action for the coming years. “Our goal is to rekindle the spirit of Beijing to re-energize all of us in our work to advance women’s rights, women’s empowerment and gender equality,” said UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka at the launching of the Beijing+20 Campaign.  “The vision laid out in Beijing, with 12 critical areas of concern for women, still resonates deeply around the world. It is still unfinished business”, she added.

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 Human Trafficking

“Trafficking of children is a grave violation of their rights, robbing them of their childhood, their well-being, and the opportunity to reach their full potential.”
Dr. Susan Bissell, Chief of Child Protection, UNICEtrafficking give hope

The Working Group on Children and Youth from the Ngo committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons recommends that Member States that anti trafficking legislation protects children and youth and that they be treated as victims and not as criminals. It asks civil society to campaign for ratification and effective implementation of international legislation such as the Palermo Protocol and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It asks Business to be vigilant against the use of child labor in supply chains as well as monitoring suppliers’ implementation on the work floor.


Access to Energy for Allenergy

Human life depends on adequate sources of energy to provide water, food, education, health care, communication, and appropriate employment. Therefore, providing all people with adequate energy is a moral and ethical obligation for all. Alternate energy resources must be expanded if we are to sustain human life – indeed all life – on Earth and reduce the number of people living in poverty. However, such development must be carried out in harmony with Earth’s natural boundaries, that is, acknowledging the limits of Earth’s resources and the need to restore our damaged environment while developing new energy sources that are sustainably renewable, non-contaminating, affordable for those most in need, and accessible to all. Long-range planning is essential to accomplish this at local, national, and global levels

(The Working Group for Sustainable Development and Integrity of Earth of the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development . November 2013)

Human Trafficking

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Eradication of Poverty

Social Protection

Floor Campaign

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 NGO Committee

Social Development

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Working group

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Integrity of Earth                                                                                       Financing for Development

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