Action Pledge to End Child Labour – August

In June this year, UNICEF and the International Labor Organization(ILO) released a joint report informing us that for the first time in 20 years, the global progress to end child labour has stalled. There are now 79 million children aged 5 to 17 years in hazardous work, a rise of 6.5 million since 2016. More than one in four children in the world’s poorest countries are engaged in work that is potentially harmful to their health.

According to UNICEF, there could be over 32 million children that are out of school because of pandemic closures or have failed to return once their schools re-opened. School closures and the additional economic shock to vulnerable families could further force many children into child labour. If we are to eliminate child labour, we need to advocate for quality education and social protection for all.

The Action Pledge Toolkit for August was produced by our CJ Zimbabwe and IBVM East Africa Province UN Representatives, Maureen Wanyora IBVM and Faith Dlamini CJ. It highlights the realities and issues faced by governments, families and children in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana that make their youth vulnerable to child labour.

August Toolkit in English: Infographic, Prayer

August Toolkit in Spanish: Infographic, Prayer

August Toolkit in German: Infographic

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