The Human Right to Education

On 24 January 2020 the 2nd UN International Day for Education was celebrated. We attended the dialogue held at the United Nations and launched our position paper on “The Human Right to Education.” This document, which will guide our advocacy in UN Forums, is the outcome of work done by Mrs. Marie Lynch (U.K.), Ms. Shiobaun McGee (Ireland), Sr. Elena Cerdeiras (Spain) Sr. Cynthia Mathew, Sr.Janet Palafox and Sr.Cecilia O’Dwyer (NGO Office) during the 2019 UN Human Rights Social Forum in Geneva. Read the full Position Paper.

Financing for Sustainable Development Report 2020

The report was written by the members of the Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development and it provides a review of the progress in the implementation of the Financing for Development outcomes, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and relevant means of implementation targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030). This report was published at the time of uncertainty from the health, social and economic impacts of the global Covid 19 pandemic. The report found that “not only are the international economic and financial system are failing to deliver on the SDGs but there has been a substantial backsliding in key areas.” Read the Report and find out what … Read MoreFinancing for Sustainable Development Report 2020

World Refugee Day 2020 – “To know in order to understand”

In his World Refugee Day 2020 message Pope Francis invited us to get to know migrants and refugees so that we understand their plight and know their stories. This year, we focus on the people who have been forced to flee but have been unable to cross an international border, the internally displaced persons (IDPs). The Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) support the invitation of Pope Francis and call on renewed attention to the plights of the millions of IDPs. We call on UN member states to protect them. Read the full Statement.

World Earth Day Jubilee – 50 years on

This year on April 22, we celebrated 50 years of World Earth Day. The Earth Day organizers chose climate action as the theme for this jubilee year. Climate change lies at the heart of environmental degradation and the profound change our planet is experiencing. To commemorate this jubilee year, we put out an infographic and a paper sharing the IBVM/CJ network’s perspectives on what we need to prioritize and what actions we ask the UN and member states to take about these issues. Read the Infographic and Paper.

Statement to the 2020 Commission on Social Development

The 2020 Commission on Social Development with its focus on Global Homelessness has made history. It is the first time that Homelessness has been addressed at one of the ECOSOC Commissions. The priority theme of “Affordable Housing and Social Protection Systems for All to address Homelessness” acknowledges that homelessness affects all countries, both in the Global North and South. The declaration of Civil Society states that a safe home is the basic of all human need. Civil Society calls on the UN and member states to adopt a universal definition of Homelessness and to address the issues causing homelessness. Read the Civil Society Declaration

UN Update September 2019

UN Update 39  Welcome to UN Update No 39.  What has been happening at our Office to the United Nations in recent months? Who was there and who came to visit us ant the United Nations for different reasons? Read about some wonderful human beings who are an example of ways in which our network contributes to a more just humane and sustainable world. We hope this Update is a source of information and joy for all who read it.

Reflection on United Nations Sustainable Develoment Goal 11.

Sustainable Development Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, to which our Heads of State and Governments committed themselves in September 2015 at the United Nations, provides a framework aimed at gathering our energies and resources to achieve a life of dignity for all. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) name specific areas of our life that need action in order to make this aspiration become a reality.   “Making cities safe and sustainable means ensuring access to safe and affordable housing, and upgrading slum settlements. It involves investment in basic services such as safe drinking water and sanitation, nutritious food, healthcare and family planning, education, culture and access to … Read MoreReflection on United Nations Sustainable Develoment Goal 11.

Webinar for IBVM/CJ Worldwide Network

On Saturday 17 February 2018 we will hold a webinar on the United Nations and our involvement as members of civil society. We welcome the collaboration of Institute of the  Blessed Virgin Mary and Congregation of Jesus.  Cecilia O’Dwyer ibvm and Cynthia Mathew CJ at the IBVM NGO Office, New York will host a webinar to include all Asia and Australia and a second webinar for North and South America, Africa, Europe and Middle-East.  What is it all about?  First of all we invite you to familiarize yourself with three basic documents: Know Your UN – Sustainable Development Goals – Our NGO at the United Nations.  Then think about the questions you would like to ask … Read MoreWebinar for IBVM/CJ Worldwide Network

Violence Against Girls

We remember girls during these 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. We know that violence against girls is worldwide. It is perpetrated on every continent, in every social and economic class, and sanctioned to varying degrees by every form of government, every major religion, and every kind of communal or familial structure. There is no place of complete refuge for the girl child, only promises of stronger legal regimes and more robust non-governmental assistance. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) defines a child as: a “human being below the age of 18 years, unless under the law applicable to that child, majority is attained earlier.”  Forced and Child … Read MoreViolence Against Girls