Action Pledge to End Child Labour – August

In June this year, UNICEF and the International Labor Organization(ILO) released a joint report informing us that for the first time in 20 years, the global progress to end child labour has stalled. There are now 79 million children aged 5 to 17 years in hazardous work, a rise of 6.5 million since 2016. More than one in four children in the world’s poorest countries are engaged in work that is potentially harmful to their health. According to UNICEF, there could be over 32 million children that are out of school because of pandemic closures or have failed to return once their schools re-opened. School closures and the additional economic … Read MoreAction Pledge to End Child Labour – August

Action Pledge to End Child Labour – July

Sadly child labour has increased for the first time in two decades. Worldwide there are now 160 million children in child labour. Any work that deprives children of their childhood is defined as child labour. A child who is forced to work instead of play loses her easy laughter and her chance to learn in curious and creative ways. But for some children and families, they have to work because their survival depends on it. Last month we launched our Action Pledge to Eliminate to Child Labour by raising awareness and inspiring local actions among our global network of over 200,000 students and members of our community. We need to … Read MoreAction Pledge to End Child Labour – July

Mary Ward Women Attend CSW65

Twenty nine members of the IBVM/CJ network attended the virtual 65th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women and the NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum last March. Together with over 27,000 participants, our delegates participated in various webinars and conversation circles while also watching a number of the CSW sessions on the UN WebTV. The hybrid nature of the event enabled a record number of people from all parts of the world to attend. It was a very different affair to last year’s 64th session that convened for only one meeting that included opening statements followed by the adoption of the draft Political Declaration. The rest of the session … Read MoreMary Ward Women Attend CSW65

Mary Ward Family Action Pledge to End Child Labour

2021 is the United Nations designated Year for the Elimination of Child Labour. There are currently 40 million people in modern slavery and 152 million children in child labour. Target 8.7 of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals calls for us to work together to end these unacceptable violations of human rights. Members of our Mary Ward network are already supporting and advocating for children working in the brickfields, in hidden domestic labour situations and other agricultural contexts. In line with our commitment to the United Nations, the elimination of human trafficking and the care of women and children, we will mark the 12th of each month with a focus on … Read MoreMary Ward Family Action Pledge to End Child Labour