International Women’s Day 2021

On International Women’s Day 2021 we celebrate Mary Ward women around the world who have responded with creativity and resilience to the needs of their families and communities during this pandemic. This booklet showcases just some of the many stories of women doing ordinary things extraordinarily, to shape a more equal future and recovery post Covid19. As our International Leaders, Noelle Corscadden IBVM and Jane Livesey CJ wrote in their letter, “We know that they (women) are often the first to respond to needs and in the context of the pandemic are often carrying the burden of caring for family and loved ones, to which some of the stories in … Read MoreInternational Women’s Day 2021

Stop Violence Against Girls

We remember girls during these 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. We know that violence against girls is worldwide. It is perpetrated on every continent, in every social and economic class, and sanctioned to varying degrees by every form of government, every major religion, and every kind of communal or familial structure. There is no place of complete refuge for the girl child, only promises of stronger legal regimes and more robust non-governmental assistance. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) defines a child as: a “human being below the age of 18 years, unless under the law applicable to that child, majority is attained earlier.”  Forced and Child … Read MoreStop Violence Against Girls

The Ongoing Work for Women’s Empowerment and Human Rights

The 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women took place over the last two weeks, from March 9th – 20th and included representatives from Member States, UN entities and NGOs from across the world. The two weeks kicked off with the International Women’s Day ‘March in March’ held on Sunday March 8th when thousands marched the streets of Manhattan carrying and waving the slogan “Planet 50-50: by 2030: Step It Up For Gender Equality and Women’s Rights”. Read 59th Commission on the Status of Women – Short Summary  


  As we work towards the 20th Anniversary of the 4th UN World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1994,we are preparing to celebrate the many advances of these years and at the same time commit ourselves to awareness and action for the coming years. “Our goal is to rekindle the spirit of Beijing to re-energize all of us in our work to advance women’s rights, women’s empowerment and gender equality,” said UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka at the launching of the Beijing+20 Campaign.  “The vision laid out in Beijing, with 12 critical areas of concern for women, still resonates deeply around the world. It is still unfinished business”, she added. Read … Read MoreBeijing+20

Safe Cities

Have you ever  asked  yourself: Do I live in a city?  Do I feel safe? Is my city an agreeable place to live? What is my city like for women?  Does every sector of my city demonstrate that people can live dignified lives there?   Now, have you heard about UN Women’s “Safe Cities Free of Violence against Women and Girls” Global Programme” or the Global Safe City Initiative? UN Women   states that “In cities all over the world, every day, women and girls face the threat of sexual harassment and violence in public spaces as they go about their daily routines—whether on city streets, on buses and trains, or in … Read MoreSafe Cities

 “We are not the leaders of tomorrow, we are the leaders of today”

“We are not the leaders of tomorrow, we are the leaders of today,” said Aya Chebbi a young Tunisian peace activist and blogger at this year´s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). She declared that her “bold” generation was already today’s leaders during the intergenerational dialogue held to engage the new generation of gender equality activists with the Beijing generation of civil society leaders, grassroots activists, academics, policy makers and other stakeholders. On 8 March 2016, young people  who campaign in their schools, communities and countries for action  to deliver a world where each woman and girl can exercise her choices, such as participating in politics, getting an education, … Read More “We are not the leaders of tomorrow, we are the leaders of today”

Women’s Dignity through The Commission on the Status of Women

The Commission on the Status of Women held its 63rd session from 11 – 22 March 2019. It is the main space where thousands gather to further a life of dignity for all women.  After 63 years of annual gatherings and 4 World conferences on Women, equity between women and men has progressed in many countries. But, mush has yet to be done, even to begin to create awareness, improve legislation, implementation and change cultures that deprive women of their inalienable rights. This year’s commission focused on social protection, public services and infrastructure directed to improve and facilitate women’s lives. Read the main conclusions. which are especially significant for us because … Read MoreWomen’s Dignity through The Commission on the Status of Women

Highlights of 2018

We are happy to recall the contribution of our section of the Mary Ward Family to justice and peace in a more humane and sustainable world. Watch the Highlights of 2018 from the perspective of the NGO Office at the United Nations. The members of our present team – Cynthia CJ, Genevieve from Canada, Greta from Australia and Cecilia IBVM – have worked diligently  in collaboration with other civil society organizations to bring to the United Nations our values and principles. We appreciate the support of Member States and the staff of UN Departments and their efforts to create humane global policies for the benefit of the most vulnerable members of … Read MoreHighlights of 2018

Just Show Up

Just Show Up! This is what Libby Rogerson ibvm did for the civil society preparatory sessions on the review of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda for her country. “This year,” she writes, “Australia, and a number of other countries, will be reporting on the theme, Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies with specific focus on: water and sanitation (Goal 6), affordable, sustainable energy (Goal 7), safe, resilient cities (Goal 11), sustainable consumption and production (Goal 12), sustainable ecosystems, biodiversity, land and forest management (Goal 15) and the underpinning goal of developing partnerships (Goal 17). It is regrettable that there has been little discussion in Australia about our progress on these goals.” Read … Read MoreJust Show Up

Commission on the Status of Women (CSW62)

This year the NGO Office contributed to the Commission with individual and group statements and by co-sponsoring 4 parallel and side events.  Our statements can be read here.   The two side events focused on Human Trafficking from different perspectives.   One, with the Holy See Mission as chief sponsor, drew attention to the work of Religious sisters in the prevention of Human Trafficking and the rescue and empowerment of survivors.  Another event with the NGO Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons focused on the use of technology.  While the internet is used in the most despicable ways to traffic young girls and women for the sex trade, huge efforts are under … Read MoreCommission on the Status of Women (CSW62)