Who We Are

Cecilia O’Dwyer – Director of IBVM NGO

Sr. Cecilia O’Dwyer ibvm is the present director of the NGO Office in New York and main representative to the United Nations.


Cynthia Mathew CJ – NGO Representative 

In October 2017, Cecilia was joined by Sr. Cynthia Mathew CJ. Both communities and our world wide networks now work in collaboration at the NGO office. Cynthia (Annamma)Mathew is an NGO representative to the United Nations. She belongs to the Congregation of Jesus which is a sister congregation of the IBVM-Loreto. As social worker and lawyer, she worked in India with the Dalit women, children, youth and prisoners. She practiced law in Patna High Court and District Court of Buxar, Bihar- India representing the juvenile delinquents and victims of rape and domestic violence. She has headed CHIRAG Education Culture and Health Awareness Center- a NGO in Buxar, Bihar- India belonging to the Patna Province of the Congregation of Jesus. She has served in various committees and Forums at local and national level.