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Update January 2019


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  miniatura      10 Years Collaboration  
miniatura   IBVM NGO – Ten Years at the United Nations  
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  miniatura     CSW 56 2012  miniatura   Human Trafficking 
    Online Campaign to End World Poverty 2011   64th Annual UN DPI Conference
    UN DPI CONFERENCE 2010   Human Rights 2010
    ibvm_world Towards Global Citizen No 5


    ibvm_world Towards Global Citizenship No 4
    ibvm_world Promote Peaceful Societies
    ibvm_world The Sustainble Goals Challenge Us
    ibvm_world Spiritual and Ethical Dimension 1
    ibvm_world Towards Global Citizenship No.3
    ibvm_world Towards Global Citizenship No. 2
    ibvm_world Towards Global Citizenship
     ibvm_world   Darjeeling, India Update
    ibvm_world    South Africa News
    ibvm_world    Conecta – Spain