Mary Ward Family Action Pledge to End Child Labour

2021 is the United Nations designated Year for the Elimination of Child Labour. There are currently 40 million people in modern slavery and 152 million children in child labour. Target 8.7 of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals calls for us to work together to end these unacceptable violations of human rights. Members of our Mary Ward network are already supporting and advocating for children working in the brickfields, in hidden domestic labour situations and other agricultural contexts. In line with our commitment to the United Nations, the elimination of human trafficking and the care of women and children, we will mark the 12th of each month with a focus on … Read MoreMary Ward Family Action Pledge to End Child Labour

The Lunch Break Experiment: A tool for Teaching the SDGs

The lunch break experiment is an initiative developed by the IBVM to encourage a consciousness of the SDGs in our day to day lives. We ask anyone and everyone who is willing to take part to snap a few photos of their city or town whilst on a walk or on their lunch break. These photos should exhibit the Sustainable Development Goals either in action, or in contradiction.  This exercise will help strengthen your ability to see just how much your city is already doing to improve the state of the planet, as well as bring into your awareness the areas in need of improvement.  Example: “As soon as you walk … Read MoreThe Lunch Break Experiment: A tool for Teaching the SDGs

Generation Effect: Encounters for a Sustainable Future

Grandparents and older people have a profound ability to deeply empower younger generations to become strong leaders. In a world suffering from the exploitation of its resources, it is more important than ever that change is made so that future generations can thrive in their environment.The Generation Effect” aims to gather together grandparents, and older members of the community, to impart some wisdom to the younger generations about what life  was like when they were growing up. Through this discussion, younger generations are encouraged, as a form of mutual education, to share their insights on today’s climate and how it differs from their elders. What does the activity consist of? Grandparents … Read MoreGeneration Effect: Encounters for a Sustainable Future

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

The 8th United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Global forum was held in New York on 19 – 20 November 2018. This time it was held in New York. Genevieve Pinnington from Toronto was chosen to participate as a Youth Representative.  UNAOC works to improve understanding and cooperation among people and nations across cultures. With this it aims to reduce polarization and develop more inclusive societies. Genevieve tells us more about the Alliance (UNAOC) itself and the Forum. Do watch her video and consider her conclusions from the forum.

The World Population is Ageing 

In the context of world ageing population, we celebrate the 28thanniversary of the United Nations International Day of Older Persons. Celebrating the theme ‘We are the Champions’; this day recognises the Human Rights of Older Persons and those who help defend them as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In an aging population, this day reaffirms the commitment to promoting the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by Older Persons. The 2018 theme aims to raise world awareness and opportunities for the ageing population. As the world is getting older, the need for the inclusion, attention and protection of Older Persons rights is vital. … Read MoreThe World Population is Ageing 

Just Show Up

Just Show Up! This is what Libby Rogerson ibvm did for the civil society preparatory sessions on the review of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda for her country. “This year,” she writes, “Australia, and a number of other countries, will be reporting on the theme, Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies with specific focus on: water and sanitation (Goal 6), affordable, sustainable energy (Goal 7), safe, resilient cities (Goal 11), sustainable consumption and production (Goal 12), sustainable ecosystems, biodiversity, land and forest management (Goal 15) and the underpinning goal of developing partnerships (Goal 17). It is regrettable that there has been little discussion in Australia about our progress on these goals.” Read … Read MoreJust Show Up

UNITE to End Violence Against Women

On International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Nov. 25) and during the next 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, the Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons, NGO CSTIP, is calling special attention to trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation. We join the United Nations Secretary General’s UNiTE to end Violence against Women campaign’s call to “Leave No One Behind: End Violence against Women and Girls.” As groups raise awareness about the pandemic of gender-based violence affecting 1 in 3 women in their lifetime, we cannot forget that sex trafficking is one of the most deplorable forms of violence against women and a crime that targets … Read MoreUNITE to End Violence Against Women

2015 and Beyond: Our Action Agenda

“We know the power of people to be agents of change, to change themselves and change their communities”. The inspiring opening session of the 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference held at UN Headquarters, New York from 27 – 29 august 2014  opened the way for thematic round tables on Poverty Eradication and Fighting Inequalities, Sustainable Development, Human Rights and Climate Change, numerous workshops and side events. The three day event ended with an equally encouraging Closing Ceremony in which the NGO community present ratified the Conference Declaration. Our representatives joined the thousands of participants from around the world for the event.  Read their impressions in  Update September 2014. The Conference Declaration provides us with a … Read More2015 and Beyond: Our Action Agenda