Educating for Global Citizenship

Throughout the IBVM world- wide network we are engaged in formal and non- formal education of girls and boys, young women and men as global citizens who acknowledge their responsibilities to each other, to the human community and the earth. We educate to understand the causes of injustice and inequality and work actively to do create a more humane, just and sustainable world.       Let’s begin with the SDGs.                                                                     

Teaching the SDGs  

Seventeen Goals and 15 years to implement them and make sure that no one is left behind in the process.  Easy! If every school in the world teaches children about the Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals as they are also called, we will help them become the generation that changed the world.  A global challenge for global citizens present and future. The webpage called “The World’s Largest Lesson” provides us with video, comic, booklet for children and youth and lesson plans on the SDGs. Explore the Global Goals wriFor children and sdgstten for children and young people. Download and print the booklet here. It is an excellent resource for all ages!  Read the Global Goals Comic book       

Read this Child Friendly Version of the SDGs

Watch the following videos:

Spoken word and Musical versions:

Read this Student Newsletter prepared by Emma your Youth Representative with our NGO at the United Nations. You will find lots of interesting information and links on the United Nations, Youth engagement with UN, Human Rights and some ways in which you can become involved.


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