Important Decisions Taken at  The Commission for Social Development – 2019. (CSoCD 57)

Read the document  prepared by Sr. Cynthia Mathew CJ here and take note of the main agreements to which our governments committed themselves at the 2019 Commission for Social Development.  It is up to us to note what our governments are doing about these issues at national level. As civil society we can also see how they apply to our institutions and Cynthia 2endeavors. They have agreed/committed themselves to:

  •  Address inequality in all its dimensions  
  • Promote nationally appropriate social protection system including social protection floors and universal access to social services to addressing and reducing poverty, inequality and social exclusion and promoting inclusive economic growth. 
  • Ensure active labour market policies to provide decent work for all and provide adequate labour protection to all workers 
  •  Accelerate efforts to eliminate barriers to social inclusion. 
  • Ensure meaningful and active participation of all particularly those who are vulnerable or marginalised for the sustainable development.

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