Reflection on Sustainable Development Goal 11

Progress towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals will be measured at the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) which  takes place from 9 – 19 July 2018.  This year Goal 11 is one of the goals on which the revision will focus.  The aim of Goal 11 is to “make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.  Read the reflections on Sustainable Development Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities of Sisters in the Congregation of Jesus (CJ) and Institute of the citiesBlessed Virgin Mary (IBVM) who have contributed to our deeper understanding of SDG 11. We wish to thank Una Coogan, IBVM; Theodora Hawskley, CJ; Rachel McLoughlin, IBVM; Sandra Perrett, IBVM and those in Sydney, Austrailia who contributed to the response; Eunice Njeri Ndabih, IBVM and Clemenciah Nyakambi, IBVM and all from Kenya and Ghana who contributed to the Eastern Africa response; Priyanka Topno, IBVM; and Ursula Witkowska, IBVM.

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