Towards Global citizenship No. 5.   

Welcome to Towards Global Citizenship No.5. it is our way of saying that “We the peoples of the United Nations” have been making ourselves felt as global citizens and persons who engage with the global  dimension of our reality in addition to the more concrete and local aspect. In fact we combine both. In this edition we have contributions from Australia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mauritius, Peru and the NGO Office, New York.  The content addresses the Mary Ward Schools Compass, the underlying ethics, principles and spirituality of global citizenship, aspects of policy aligned, ongoing learning, the interrelation between global citizenship and the Sustainable Development Goals and other very interesting initiatives … Read MoreTowards Global citizenship No. 5.   

 “Global Citizenship: A conceptual and practical prerequisite to the eradication of poverty.

The Global Citizenship 2030 Coalition is an ad hoc coalition dedicated to the oneness of humanity, working at the United Nations to better the world by affirming the interconnectedness of all and by helping to activate people and institutions to make choices on the basis of common good.  We develop and promote values that can further well-being including inner and outer peace, collaboration, cooperation, partnership and equitable access to resources. The coalition works to manifest for every sentient being the UN’s five core values – peace and security, justice, equality, human dignity, and environmental sustainability. Accordingly, CGC2030 promotes global citizenship as the state of consciousness and being wherein we recognize, relate, … Read More “Global Citizenship: A conceptual and practical prerequisite to the eradication of poverty.

Education for Global Citizenship: A Vital Tool for Strengthening Social Development in the Contemporary World

Oral Statement delivered on behalf of the Coalition on Global Citizenship at the Commission on Social Development 2016. Efforts to achieve goals of the magnitude envisioned in Agenda 2030 will need to secure the commitment and support of the peoples of the world, and meaningfully integrate their contributions into global processes of development. People are at the center of Agenda 2030, and this is a major victory. But we need to find ways to build capacity in growing numbers of people to contribute to these goals, each according to his or her particular circumstances. Identifying as a global citizen begins with the recognition of the oneness of the human family, … Read MoreEducation for Global Citizenship: A Vital Tool for Strengthening Social Development in the Contemporary World

Towards Global Citizenship No 4.

It is almost a year since some 60 representatives of IBVM and CJ schools met in Pretoria, for that engaging Conference which delivered the “Mary Ward Schools Compass”.  And, two years ago a smaller group met in South Korea for a UN Conference on Education for Global Citizenship.  The NGO Office celebrates these milestones with Towards Global Citizenship No 4. It includes wonderful contributions from Australia, Canada, Kenya, India, Italy, Mauritius, Nepal, South Africa and Spain.  We have a reflection on Global Citizenship, information on school policy and ongoing teacher learning.  Then we see ways in which the present curriculum contributes to educating for global citizenship. We are using the SDGs, … Read MoreTowards Global Citizenship No 4.

Towards Global Citizenship

We are delighted to have this opportunity to help build up the Mary Ward Worldwide Network’ s engagement with the United Nations. The aim of  “Towards Global Citizenship” is to share knowledge, reflection and initiatives on our efforts to be and to educate global citizens both in formal and non- formal education systems. We have valuable knowledge and experience to share which will be helpful, not only for all educators worldwide, but for our work with the United Nations. So, let’s hope it will be a learning tool for all who wish to avail of it.  The third edition of the publication “Towards Global Citizenship”  brings contributions from Australia, Ghana, India, … Read MoreTowards Global Citizenship

What to Watch Out For in 2018 

During 2018, the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda will continue and hopefully advance decisively towards its completion. We commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The campaign which accompanies us this year has three core objectives: to promote, engage and reflect –  to engage a broad base of audiences the world over; to help promote understanding of how the Universal Declaration empowers us all; and to encourage further reflection on the ways that each of us can stand up for rights, every day. By September 2018 we hope to have a Global compact on Migration which will address the global and local dimensions of present day migration.