Update No 36   

With Update April 2019  we invite you to come, learn as we learn and collaborate with the United Nations in New York and around the world. Working together, we help create a more humane, just and sustainable world” Read about the ways in which we have contributed to the United Nations in New York and in Nairobi in recent months. Watch the videos and read about some of the beautiful ways  members of our network are implementing Sustainable Development goals in their life and work.      

First Weeks at NGO Office

Watch this video of our new Youth Representatives in New York. They began in early April and are learning about what happens at the United Nations and how we share with our network and involve members in different ways.  Uyen Ha from Australia and Isobel Cunningham from Ireland  tell you about their experiences during these early days. They will have many fascinating experiences and opportunities to gain insight into the workings of the United nations, our IBVM/CJ international Network and what they can do to create a more humane, just and sustainable world.

Welcome Youth Representatives

Welcome to Youth Representatives Uyen Ha, from Australia and Isobel Cunningham from Ireland. They are immersed in the events and experience of an NGO collaborating with the United Nations. As we approach the Forum on Financing for Development their first immersion was on the question of Circular Economy, a relevant subject today when the traditional economy seems to fail a large proportion of the human family. Read Isobel’s article on Circular Economy provides an “easy read” on the issue.  Uyen, who specializes in Martial Arts, gives a summary of the connections between Sport, Peace and Development through the eyes of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Sport for Development and Peace.  

UN Update – January 2019     

Welcome tour most recent Update from the NGO Office – Update No 35. It offers the opportunity to remember some of the main initiatives taken during 2018. Watch the very interesting video, A Guideline to the United Nations. Learn about several processes that were finalized recently and some important anniversaries. Some feed-back from the last meeting of Province UN Representatives and Members of the network to Stop Human Trafficking. See the cohesion and interconnection arising in three continents. Find out about ways of becoming engaged in the coming months through the ECOSOC Youth Forum, the Regional Reviews on the SDGs and the High Level Political Forum which will take place … Read MoreUN Update – January 2019     

Highlights of 2018

We are happy to recall the contribution of our section of the Mary Ward Family to justice and peace in a more humane and sustainable world. Watch the Highlights of 2018 from the perspective of the NGO Office at the United Nations. The members of our present team – Cynthia CJ, Genevieve from Canada, Greta from Australia and Cecilia IBVM – have worked diligently  in collaboration with other civil society organizations to bring to the United Nations our values and principles. We appreciate the support of Member States and the staff of UN Departments and their efforts to create humane global policies for the benefit of the most vulnerable members of … Read MoreHighlights of 2018

Advent Joys

At Advent we remember the text from Isaiah 40. “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, says your God”. It goes on to say that “   Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain”.  While God promises this, we, humans, work to make it happen. Neither does it happen suddenly. It is a long process. In this sense we can look at some of the efforts being made to comfort god’s people during this Advent. Hopeful and imperfect agreements were reached recently: On 10 December 2018, in Marrakech, Morocco, 164 countries agreed on … Read MoreAdvent Joys

News from the NGO Office

We are happy to offer edition No 34 of our Newsletter, Update November 2018 , and to celebrate one year of IBVM and CJ collaboration at the United Nations. Read about aspects of the United Nations such as the General Assembly, its present President and how it works when our Heads of State and Government go back home. Meet our Youth Representatives.  Cynthia CJ had wonderful education and awareness raising opportunities in India in September and October. See the Mary Ward Family interfaith contributions to the Parliament of World Religions held in Toronto. Note recent steps taken on Human Trafficking at the United Nations and please pay attention to the proposal made by … Read MoreNews from the NGO Office

Justice Coalition of Religious (JCoR) Press Release

The Justice Coalition of Religious (JCoR) is a new coalition of 18 UN-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) run by Catholic Religious. JCoR aims to strengthen the capacity of Religious working at the grassroots and those representing them at the United Nations to: advocate internationally, nationally and regionally for people living in poverty; address the root causes of unsustainable development; and promote equitable and rights based development via a just implementation of the SDGs. Read the  JCoR office press release of 1 June 2018.

UN Update – May 2018

Welcome to Update May 2018 where you will find lots of information and stories. Three years after a ground-breaking commitment, we ask: Why bother with the Sustainable Development Agenda (SDGs)? We were part of national and regional meetings to review the implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda (SDGs). Note how energy (SDG 7) relates to other aspects of our lives like poverty, inequality, education, health and others.  “Leave no one behind” is still at the centre of this development agenda. We work directly with those who are left behind. Students shine in various endeavors – future citizens and leaders. Our schools collaborate with movements to help achieve their rights for people … Read MoreUN Update – May 2018

Just Show Up

Just Show Up! This is what Libby Rogerson ibvm did for the civil society preparatory sessions on the review of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda for her country. “This year,” she writes, “Australia, and a number of other countries, will be reporting on the theme, Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies with specific focus on: water and sanitation (Goal 6), affordable, sustainable energy (Goal 7), safe, resilient cities (Goal 11), sustainable consumption and production (Goal 12), sustainable ecosystems, biodiversity, land and forest management (Goal 15) and the underpinning goal of developing partnerships (Goal 17). It is regrettable that there has been little discussion in Australia about our progress on these goals.” Read … Read MoreJust Show Up